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Lucky Spirit Oil~ Abundance Oil ~ Prosperity Oil~ Good Fortune~ Good Luck~ Crystal Charged with Garnet and Citrine ~ with 2 Acorns~


In many ancient cultures, such as Druid, Norse , Native American and even the Roman Cultures, the Acorn was and still is considered to be an emblem of good luck, prosperity, youthfulness and power~ The Druids revered the Oak tree for many reasons and would carry out their Sacred Rituals under the Sacred Tree~ Every Piece of the tree was considered Sacred and had possessed its own special gift~ They believed the Acorn to be a symbol of Abundance and Longevity~ curing a person of loneliness, illness and pain, bringing the wearer Luck, Youthfulness and Longevity~ They would also bury a dried Acorn under the Full Moonlight to bring in Luck and Prosperity~

For this blend I have chosen oils and herbs that represent the very heart of Luck and Prosperity, Oils and Herbs that have been known for thousands of years to aid in Abundance. Containing the finest Essential Oils and Herbs of Cinnamon, Cypress, Clove, Peppermint, White Oak and Chamomile~ Crystal Charged with Garnet and Citrine, also known for their gifts of Abundance, Luck and Prosperity~ With your blend you will also get 2 acorns~ 1 to bury in the Full Moonlight to ensure that you will have luck on your side and another to carry with you to keep you youthful and offer you long life~

Made on a Waxing Thursday Moon in the Hour of Jupiter ~

Your oil should be applied to your pulse points for best results, the oils produce a very light warming sensation reminding you of the power of your Lucky Spirit~ Wear your oil anytime you wish to have a Lucky Spirit~ Great for Business owners as well~ The First step to attracting Good Luck is to change your perspective on your Luck~ Imagine and see yourself attracting Good Fortune ~
Listing is for a 1/3oz Roll on bottle with 2 acorns ~

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