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Moon Woman ~ Signature Perfume to Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary~ Perfume for the Mysterious Witch Woman ~ Moon Magick ~


•This limited batch of Moon Woman was created on the Full Moon in Pisces, which took place on August 26th, 2018. These oils were left outdoors on my Aphrodite Altar until the early morning Moonday hours.

The Pisces Full Moon shines a light on the daydreams that you have left in the darkness and asks that you bring them forward into fruition. This divine visionary sign is creative and full of ways to bring ideas to life through powerful intuition. This particular batch will awaken divine creativity, be useful for divination, and offer insightful lucid dreams. Keep a journal nearby for ideas that will come flooding in. 

•The Moon Woman is wild and free,powerful and fierce; She is ever changing like the Moon herself, She waxes and grows into her radiance and beauty with grace, shinning it upon those around her. She is confident in her light and in her darkness, diving deep into the depths of her mystery of rediscovery, and cleansing that which holds back her light! The Moon Woman is forever the Mystic, surrounded by the beauty of the starry night sky, she is mysterious and she is magick!

•Ancients have always revered the Moon for her Sacred Divine Power, and long has she held the ancient secrets of knowledge of those she watches over. Her all seeing power over the night has witnessed many magical rites and she has lent her power to those that call down her energy into her own. She transitions with Women and represents Women in each stage of their sacred cycles of life~ The Maid, The Mother and The Crone~

•This is a Powerful Sacred Feminine Blend, invoking all that is Magick within the Moon Woman~ This blend is one that I have only made for myself as my personal perfume, until now~ Invoking a deeply Feminine aura, this perfume grabs the senses of all those near to it’s Magical Aroma~ They come in for a more tantalizing tease for their senses until they are completely captivating by this alluring botanical blend~ Enhanced with the Energy of Moonstone and Labradorite within the bottle.

•This is a deep Floral blend with a hint of dark notes, much like the Moon herself~ Are you ready to dive deep into the mysterious Energy of your Own Sacred Feminine power? Made with only the finest Essential Oils~

Due to the Sacredness of this blend, it is very Secret and will not be revealed. Held out of sight like the dark side of the Moon~

Bottle is 1/2oz

Some Lovely Reviews ~ ♥

"Absolutely my favorite scent you have created. No possible way to describe..other than a dream." J.N

"Oooooh lovely scent, the aroma changes as the day goes on, just like the phases of Moon! Simply luv 💗 first the floral enchants you then later the underlying aromas calm you! Well done Sarah!!!!" P.

"Beautiful! I can see why it is your signature perfume and I am so happy you have shared it. Thanks so much! :) " Cmfs

"MY New Favorite from Sarah! MUST HAVE!!!!!" Zen

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