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Witch's Circle Salt ~ Protection Salt ~ Herbal Enhanced ~ Ritual Salt ~ Magick~ Large 5oz bottle with Pentagram Wax Seal


~The Witch’s Circle is infinite, having no beginning and no end, a continual ring of protection and power to raise the Energy of Magickal workings. Used for Centuries to keep unwanted energy and forces out, allowing in only that which is welcome for the Sacred Ritual.

~The Witch’s Circle can be cast to Protect, Bless or Invoke and not every Ritual requires it. I myself use Circles only in intense Magick or Sabbat Ritual, blessing the people and the items within it. Your Witch’s Salt can be used in many ways to protect and bless.

~This Witches Circle Salt is mixed with Dead Sea Salt for Purity, Black Salt for Protection~ Blessed with Herbal Energies of Poppy, Mayapple, Rosemary, White Oak, Lavender, Blue Vervain, Mugwort and a few other Magickal Secrets to Bless your Sacred Circle. A grounding Black Tourmaline rests inside your bottle to protect and ground the energy of your Circle Salt. The Smell of this salt is both intoxicating and awakening for the Herbal Witch within. Each herb has been hand ground in my Mortar and Pestle under the Energy of the Full Moon and only a certain amount of this is made every Full Moon.

♦Do not placed used Salt back into the bottle, this will add unwanted energy into your Pure Salt~ Once used within your circle, depending on the Ritual and purpose, you may chose to keep it or discard it. I like to keep my salt that has been used in White Magick Rituals of Healing and Positive Magick, it's nice to sprinkle some on yourself some time after your Ritual to relive the Memory and Energy of it~
All Salt used to Banish and rid yourself of unwanted Energy should be buried in the Earth to be Cleansed by Mother Nature.

~The Many uses for your Witch’s Circle Salt~
•Create a Magickal Circle for Ritual
•Circle around your House Altar to raise the Vibrations it’s Energy
•Create a large Circle around your home for protection
•Sprinkle some at the Front and Back entrances of your home
•Create a small Circle under your bed for protection from Nightmares and Terrors
•Get creative and use your intuition for the many uses of this Magickal Salt.

Energy gathers to be hers
Weaving in and out it stirs,
Within her circle of magick sights
It gathers within her sacred rite.
Her Circle is sacred forever cast,
To hold her safe for long last.

Keep away from pets~ ♥

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