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Amethyst Pendulum~ Dowsing Tool ~ Divination Tool ~ Crystal Pendulum with Pentacle Charm ~ Intuition

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~Amethyst, with its deeply rich purple color, evokes the energy of Spirit and higher states of consciousness, this color is noble, loyal and powerful~ Amethyst has long been associated with intuition and spiritual awakening, making it the most ideal ally for increasing intuition and psychic visions for powerful divination practices. The pendulum itself is not the one performing the act to locate or give answers, it acts as a conduit between you and spirit, between physical and spiritual, conscious and subconscious, it awakens a part of your mind that is in tune with the web of fate, revealing answers that you are already aware of. The Amethyst stone is an ally to amplify this energy, revealing a clearer and more vivid picture in your minds eye of the answers that you seek.

This beautiful pendulum can be used in many ways~
•With a pendulum board
•A fun way to determine the sex of a baby in the womb is to rest the pendulum above the belly button and slowly move it up.. if it rotates in a circle, you are carrying a girl… if it sways in a straight line, then you are carrying a boy.
•To locate, to make decisions, etc… get creative

When you get your Pendulum, take the time to connect with it, hold it in your heart hand (your left) grip it tightly and commune with the energy of the amethyst stone. Be sure to do this often, crystals liked to be touched, the heat from your hand awakens them.

~A simple yes or no divination can be performed by writing out “yes’ and “no” on a piece of paper.
Gentle rest your pendulum on its point in the middle of the yes and no words. As you begin to think on your question, slowly pull up your pendulum and let it naturally begin to sway the way it wants to. It is important to clear your mind and not influence the pendulum motion in any way other than with the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Be patient as motion can take a moment to start. You will begin to feel the pull as the energy guides you to land on the answer.

You can get more intricate with your dowsing by using maps or drawing out your own answer board for more detailed readings.

The hand in this listing is a life size hand, this accurately shows you the size of the pendulum and pentacle charm at the end.

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