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Embrace the Crone~ Natural and Organic Hormonal balance for Menopause~ Divine scent~ Crone Magick~ 1oz bottle~ Crystal Charged with Carnelian~

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This alluring scent is both soothing for the Psyche and for the Symptoms that come along with reaching into the Crone stage~ The Crone stage is the most powerful stage in a woman's life which brings her great Wisdom~ Embrace the Crone~ Containing the finest Essential Oils of Fennel, Cypress, Geranium and Neroli to comfort and soothe~ Crystal Charged with Carnelian Crystals which rest in your bottle~

Your Crone oil is best used on the Bottom's of your feet as well as your lower abdomen~ make this a daily self care Ritual Ladies~ This oil has so much to offer you both physically and emotionally~ Your oil can also be used in Crone Magick as well~

Entering the terrain of wisdom occurs at any age~ We sometimes step, sometimes stumble, and other times we are pulled into the territory of the Crone when the need for a deeper, larger understanding of our most meaningful path can no longer be denied—when the gifts hidden in our

To compliment your Crone care Ritual make yourself a brew of Fennel Tea~

Heat a cup of water with one and a half teaspoon of fennel seeds. Heat if for about five minutes on low heat and then strain into a cup. Add milk and honey or sugar if desired. Take note that crushing the seeds may make your tea taste bitter and boiling may rid your mixture of its essential nutrients~
It is recommended that you drink fennel seeds tea twice daily ~

*****Moon Goddess Magick is NOT responsible for misuse or adverse reactions of Essential oil blends. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON HOW YOUR OIL SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT BE USED PLEASE CONVO ME.*********

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