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Grounding is one of the most important preparations to make when readying yourself for Spiritual work. Our Magical workings are most effective when the mind is focused on the intent in mind and when our body is grounded to Nature's power.
When performing Magick, our Spirit, Mind and Body are connecting to several different realms and energy fields, so, having a solid connection to the Earth’s energy is essential to staying connected and somewhat present in your journey. While our mind is traveling to the Spiritual plane our bodies need to be drawing Energy from the Earth~

Practice your Grounding for just a few minutes a day and soon it will become second Nature~ You will notice that you have more energy and Earth Magick flowing through your body as you become more and more in tune with accessing this state~ When centering yourself, you'll want to make sure that your mind is clear and in the present, this is hard at times and that is what this oil is meant to help you with. This oil is not, a do your magick for you, type of oil, it is a tool to assist you through your senses by evoking the power of botanical scent. It's aromatherapy will keep you focused and assist in the connection between you and the Energy of the Earth, thus enhancing your magick~ This Ground and Center Blend contains some of the most exquisite Essential Oils and Herbs such as Fir Needle, Birch, White Oak, Pine Pinyon, Agarwood, Neroli and Sandalwood. Crystal Charged with a Clear Quartz that rests at the bottom of your bottle~ A Sacred and very unique recipe that is exclusive to Moon Goddess Magick~
Each Essential oil was chosen for its unique ability to connect you to the energy of the Earth and raise your own power for successful Grounding~ They help you to stay in a relaxed state of Mind while giving your Body and Spirit the power to make the connection with Gaia. Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals, it raises power and increases the connection to the divine, making it a great ally for mediation and a plethora of ritual work.

Listing is for 1/3 oz Roll on Bottle~
Also in a Spray

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