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Midsummer, Litha, Summer Solstice~ June 20th-23rd

?Midsummer also know as Litha and the Summer Solstice is the day when the sun overpowers the darkness, the days become longer giving us more time to spend outside and enjoy Mother Earth~ Our Great Mother is in full bloom with her Energy as well as her Botanical bounty~ The Longest day of the year offers us an abundant of energy to harness and use for growth, protection, healing, abundance and love.

?Mid-Summer is said to be a powerful and very mystical time when the forces of magic are increased and the faeries along with other Spirits roam our world. The Fae are often seen at Mid-Summer dancing within their magical faerie rings~ If you have ever seen a beautiful faerie ring, you know of the power that it has. This auspicious time has long been waited for to conduct the most sacred of magic and marks a very vital time to gather magical ingredients for spells and divination~

?My Midsummer incense is an intoxicating blend of Sunflower, Rose, Pink Peony, Lavender, Orange peel Pinon Pine, White Copal, Sandalwood and sweetened with Raw Honey~ The smell transports you off into a fragrant blissful state to begin your Litha Rituals~ If you so chose, you may leave a little out for your unseen friends to also enjoy~

?Midsummer incense comes in a glass 1oz vial

?Best used on charcoal tablets in a well ventilated area ?

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