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Welcome to Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary. Within you will find the revered rituals of ancient magick, wisdom and healing. Every offering is prepared with care and intended to entice the mind, body and spirit. I am honored by your presence and invite you to engage in the spirit of magick abound within these pages. All orders include a magical gift. Some offerings are also available on Etsy. Shipping rates are per item, flat rate. Orders $50-$99 are 8.95. Free shipping on orders over $100* (*within the continental US, OUTSIDE OF THE US, please contact for a shipping quote.) IMPORTANT ~ Payments are only accepted and processed by PAYPAL. Due to the high demand of my offerings, I am currently working hard to increase the efficacy of shipping times, I appreciate your patience as I figure this out. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Your presence here is important to me.

Quartz Crystal~ 1 Stone~ Tumbled Gemstone~ Clarity ~ Stone of Power ~ Purification ~ Wisdom ~ Open Communication~

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••••••• 1 Large Tumbled Quartz Stone••••••••

I have Blessed and Consecrated the stones with my White Copal Resin~ You may also choose to do this with your own blessing and energy to enhance the stones qualities~ I recommend using White Copal or Sage~ I carry both~

Quartz is used to enhance and amplify creative thoughts and create a better alignment of Energy within the body. Quartz brings forth clarity to one's thoughts and allows one to influence the situation more effectively and positively.

Quartz crystal is considered a stone of power. It brings forth energy and harmonizes the flow. Quartz bridges a connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions of the mind. It is believed to open communication with minerals, plants, animals and intelligent energies outside the physical realm. Quartz is believed to harmonize the flow of life energy between all life forms.

Quartz crystal is a very powerful stone for facilitate communicate with spiritual and other worldly masters, teachers and healers.

Quartz can create altered states of consciousness and can serve as a vehicle for reaching and utilizing abilities and talents of the mind. Psychic abilities are strongly stimulated and enhanced with quartz crystal.

Quartz crystal is used in chakra healing to activate and energize the 7 major energy centers in the body. Quartz attunes nicely with the heart chakra as well as the 3rd eye chakra. Mediation can be improved by placing a quartz crystal on the 3rd eye. It helps one clear their mind and reach a "quiet place". Quartz is also very effective for the crown chakra be enhancing clearing the way for Kundalini energy to flow.

Quartz crystal is a purification stone. It offers purification of mental, physical and spiritual bodies. It can be used to transmute negative energy into positive and direct negative feelings towards positive happy ones. When worn, quartz crystal offers a flow of energy as well as protecting the aura. Wear to bring wisdom and clarity. The same holds true at night, place a quartz crystal under your pillow at night for clarity and wisdom.

All Crystals are Cleansed and Blessed with Sound Bowls and Sage

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