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Sultry Seduction Bath Soak is a scent-ual blend made to evoke feelings of passion, seduction and love within yourself through the magick and power of botanical scent~ Awaken your Goddess and bring her to the surface with this enticing scent that will capture your senses and leave you feeling Sexy, Sultry and Seductive~ Ultimately drawing this energy towards you.

This Seductive floral blend containing Jasmine, Geranium, Rose and Sandalwood is pure deliciousness, infused with Rosehips, Hibiscus Powder and Hibiscus flowers to invoke some serious Love and Sultry vibes~ Each Oil and Herb has been carefully chosen to bring in Love~ Blended with Pink Himalayan Sea salt and Dead Sea Salt.
Witchcrafted on the day of Venus, in the hour of Venus and on a waxing Moon. 

♥️How to use it?
For best results, use your Sultry Seduction bath soak on a Friday, ruled by Venus, the best day for working with Love~ It is best if the Moon is in her Waxing Phase to ensure you will be drawing love toward you~ To add to the ambience of your Sultry bath, light some lovely red or pink candles next to your Bath~ 

While you soak, imagine yourself regaining your Sultry power and feel the Seduction rise up from within your sacred center. 

Comes in a 8oz Corked Glass bottle~ A little goes a long way with this potent blend~


Shipping prices are higher for this baths salts because of the weight~ I have taken this to the post and had it weighed to get the proper shipping price~ You will see this same price reflected on the package it's self., I keep my prices matching USPS as often as I can ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~)O(~~~~~~~~~~~

*****Moon Goddess Magick is NOT responsible for misuse or adverse reactions of any of our products~ IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON HOW YOUR PRODUCT SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT BE USED PLEASE CONVO ME.*********

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