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Welcome to Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary. Within you will find the revered rituals of ancient magick, wisdom and healing. Every offering is prepared with care and intended to entice the mind, body and spirit. I am honored by your presence and invite you to engage in the spirit of magick abound within these pages. All orders include a magical gift. Some offerings are also available on Etsy. Shipping rates are per item, flat rate. Orders $50-$99 are 8.95. Free shipping on orders over $100* (*within the continental US, OUTSIDE OF THE US, please contact for a shipping quote.) IMPORTANT ~ Payments are only accepted and processed by PAYPAL. Due to the high demand of my offerings, I am currently working hard to increase the efficacy of shipping times, I appreciate your patience as I figure this out. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Your presence here is important to me.

White Sage Bundle ~ Cleansing Ritual ~ Banish Unhealthy Energy ~ Chant on the Label~ Ceremonial White Sage ~ Ancient Ritual ~ Purification


🌿The art of smudging is an ancient practice that offers a simple, yet powerful purification experience for you and your personal space as a means to banish unhealthy and unwanted negative energy~


🌿White Ceremonial Sage is excellent for meditation, divination, smudging, cleansing and purification~ Ceremonial sage is considered the king of all sages~  It is prized over all the sages for its strong aromatic properties~ The word sage or salvia comes from the Latin word salvare, which means "To Heal" and that it does! 


🌿Your Sage comes Beautifully adorned with a Lovely tag which carries a chant to recite, if you wish. I like to keep one for burning and one for decoration out in my altar~ Each Bundle measures 5-6 inches long and can easily be broken apart if adding to a charcoal tablet. 


•••••••How to use your Sage•••••••


🌿Untie the string from your sage~ Light the end of your bundle on fire and let it burn for about 40 seconds~ Please make sure that you have a fire safe bowl or Shell to rest your sage in once you are finished~ 


🌿Envision the space within you and around you filled with light, a protective, healing and positive light~ Think of the light as a shield against negative energy ~ Send up a prayer asking for what you wish to accomplish with the ceremony (cleansing, harmony, protection, purification of self and/or space, healing, blessing a new home)~ 


🌿As the smoke begins to lift, gently circle your hands through the smoke toward you and around you~ Then, slowly carry the smudge to every part of the room, ensuring the smoke reaches every corner~  Be sure to allow the smoke to trace around the edges of the walls and particularly around the frames of doors and windows~ Cris crossing at the threshold~


🌿While you continue your Ritual, keep your mind centered on positive thoughts and energy~ Focus on what you seek with this ritual~ You may recite the special prayer included to assist you~ When you have completed the ritual remove the smudge from the room and carefully extinguish what is left in your fire safe dish~  



•••••••SAFETY •••••••

Do not leave the sage smudge burning unattended~ Do not inhale the smoke directly~ The purpose of this ritual is to purify and harmonize your self and your space, not your lungs~ Please do not leave your sage within the reach of children and pets~

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