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Sea Siren~Mermaid and Sea Goddess at Heart~ Invoke your Sea Goddess ~


🐚The Sea, it calls to us with its continuous melody of waves, it beckons us to dive deep into its waters of mystery as we hear the song of the Sea carried upon the wind. Some are called to the Sea more than others, and it is those that are said to have come from the Sea ~ Those that remember their Sea born blood hear the calling more than ever. We remember the Magick and mystery that our oceans hold, we remember the sanctity within the healing waters of the sea.  Those that are drawn to the oceans mystery have the ability to flow with the water and tides of life, but be warned because they can also conjure up the stormiest of Seas. 


🐚This blend is for the Mermaid at heart, the Siren Daughters of the Sea , the ones that are called to the oceans mystery! Being a Daughter of the Sea and the Moon myself, this one is especially Sacred to me. It’s aroma takes me on a journey to the ancient shores of Ireland, shores that are imbued with Myth, Magick and Mystery. This blend holds actual sand from those very shores, one whiff transports the senses and soul to a tiny Irish Cottage by the Sea, where on the shores you wait for the Siren’s call. The intoxicating aroma of your Garden dances upon the Sea air creating a scent that is pure Euphoria for the Oceans Daughter~ 


🐚This is another precious perfume that I am keeping SEA-cret~ Only revealing a few of the main notes which are Seaweed Extract (which smells a lot better than it sounds) mixed with a refreshing Herbal and slightly floral blend~ The other oils that add a depth of magick are held in a treasure chest deep beneath the Sea~ The real Magick happens when you apply this oil, when it connects to your spirit and begins to blend with your Energy~ 



🐚 This beautiful bottle comes fully adorned with Seaweed like decor and a cute little shell on the lid! 

🐚Contains actual Sand from Ireland

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